LG FS 10 HP Inverter Standing Air Conditioner

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LG FS 10 HP Inverter Standing Air Conditioner with model FS 10 HP INVERTER.

This air conditioner was built to keep your family feeling cool and refreshed.

This LG FS 10 HP Inverter Standing Air Conditioner is a floor standing air conditioner.

With the new and highly improved edge cutting technology, the air flow can be easily adjusted not to blow directly to the human body, which in turn provides healthier airflow and uniform cooling for your space.

It also comes with a Jet Cool function. Jet Cool disperses air evenly at high speed  for a prompt cooling that is 20% faster than  the others.

LG’s low voltage operation design is specifically designed for the Nigerian power situation. With voltages as low as 170V, one can enjoy the superb cooling performance of this split unit even in poor power conditions.

This LG FS 10 HP Inverter Standing Air Conditioner makes no noise at all that will cause any inconvenience to its user.

Its turbo plus cooling/heating power is designed such that within the first 60 mins of turning it on, cools/heats your room with 40% extra intensity ensuring you avoid a long wait for before it begins to function. Moreover, it can cover large space with 10-metre long airflow reach.

The panels installed are anti-corrosion gold fin hence preventing rust, thereby making the air condition unit last longer.

10 Horse Power
Standing AC
Auto Restart
R410 Gas
No Kit
Why LG?

LG products are known to be tested and trusted, just like the LG FS 10 HP Inverter Standing Air Conditioner.

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